The T-shaped scale consists of a two-part beam for easier storage. On both the front and back of the two-piece beams are 20 hooks for attaching hanging signs. On the front and back, the beams are each labeled with numbers from 1-10 from the pivot point. You can attach up to five plates to each hook.

Packaged in a cardboard box with instructions.


- Recognising the number and its value
- Comparing numbers in the range 10 and 100 using relations (using specific terms such as " less than...", " greater than...", " equal to...", "...more than...", "...less than..." and the following signs <, >, =)
- Decomposition of numbers into two or more addends
- Representing two-digit numbers as the sum of tens and ones
- Developing, consolidating and systematising numerical understanding in the number range up to 100
- Recognition of number relationships and interrelationships between numbers
- Addition and subtraction tasks (using the terms "add, subtract, sum, difference, plus, minus" and the following signs "+, -")
- Multiplication and division tasks (using the terms "times, divided, multiply, divide" and the following signs " ⋅ , : ")
- Fine motor training by attaching the weights to the table
- To recognise mathematical relationships and laws through concrete action
- Finding exchange tasks for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division tasks
- Setting up and solving simple equations with the number and arithmetic scale
- Finding solutions to given or self-selected tasks
- Describing and evaluating different calculation methods and strategies
- Checking solutions for plausibility with the help of the numerical and arithmetical scales, giving reasons, verbalising and improving faulty calculation methods (self-monitoring).

Available from February 2023. Pre-order now!