About us

As a family business, we have been producing didactically useful learning and teaching aids in Germany since 1976. Under the guideline active learning, we now produce over 400 different products. Due to the same color design, the same dimensions - all geared to the decimal system - they can be combined with each other: everything fits with everything!

In order to guarantee our requirements for quality, safety of use, freedom from harmful substances and sustainability, we produce all items in-house, with a few exceptions, and outsource assembly work to a regional network of workshops for people with disabilities. This enables us to guarantee short delivery times and to react flexibly to special requirements.

We rely exclusively on sustainable and resource-saving materials and following this path, the introduction of our self-developed material RE-Wood® was the next big step. We are particularly proud of this innovation.

We now sell our products worldwide and are one of the leading manufacturers with an export share of more than 60%.

In recent years, we have expanded our focus on Learning Game Sets for children under the slogan:

Play - Fun - Learning success

Since the games contain school-tested teaching materials, what has been learned is deepened through play and competence is increased.
Don't you learn the best without even knowing it?