Our values

We stand by our word and do not make promises to our employees and business partners that we cannot keep. Underlining clear and fair rules internally and externally
our professionalism and create a working environment that is characterised by transparency,
honesty and trust are impressive.



We keep our ecological footprint as small as possible, also considering economic and social aspects. So that we can offer future generations not only meaningful and valuable teaching and learning materials/games, but also preserve a planet worth living on. 

For this reason, our products are mostly made from the recycled materials RE-Wood® and RE-Plastic®. With RE-Wood® we only use 100% recycled wood waste and consistently return the raw materials used to their product cycle. Cradle to cradle.
Production waste is reused by us and thus we achieve a material utilisation of over 98%. We also largely dispense with plastic films for packaging materials and only use cardboard material.

Our regional and personal cooperation with our suppliers enables us to implement our high standards of sustainability and check them at any time. Toxic or environmentally hazardous substances do not exist in our company.

By using the most modern production facilities and solar energy, we achieve an almost carbon-neutral pro-duction. Even during shipping, we make sure that this sustainability and carbon neutrality maintained. 

Also in the future we will not lose sight of the three guiding categories of sufficiency, efficiency and consis-tency.



As a family owned company, we do not think in quarters, but in generations. That is why we have always tried to harmonise our production requirements with the idea of sustainability.

An important point here is the purchase of the basic materials. We try to keep the supply chain as short as possible. This means that they come from European production at the most, and in the case of the most commonly used basic material, wood flour, even directly from the nearby region. The processing and production takes place exclusively in our factory in Bensheim.

We know all our suppliers and partners personally and are glad that easier assembly and packaging work for us is carried out locally by a regional network of workshops for people with disabilities.


Didactically useful

We want more! Not only good, meaningful learning materials, not only fairly produced, but alsolearning games that make learning fun, appeal to all senses and promote the individual talents of the children.

Our products enable multi-dimensional learning and can be combined with each other - everything fits with everything! We speak here of sys-tem work equipment, as the size, colour, volume and weight of the indi-vidual articles are in decimal system and are thus coordinated with each other. This facilitates comprehensive learning, makes it easier to recognise connections and deepens what has been learned in a playful way.

Both the motor and sensory systems with all their emotions are addressed. This leads to the development and change of abilities and promotes the own self-image.

Our didactically useful materials consider individual learning require-ments. This increases the joy and efficiency of learning, because the in-dependently developed solutions motivate, make you proud and are great fun. Don't you learn the best without even knowing it? - That is our secret.