Active learning

For over 45 years, we have dedicated ourselves to didactically meaningful teaching/learning materials and learning game sets for mathematics in our family-owned business, all under our guiding principle of "Active Learning“. 

But what exactly does that mean? 

For us, active learning means having fun while learning and developing products that appeal to different senses. They train three-dimensional vision, can be felt, grasped and compared and thus promote the individual talents of children. So that they can take their learning into their own hands and learn actively according to their needs - seeing, touching and understanding. 

"Learn actively, have the courage to try something, ask questions and discover your talents!“

Our teaching/learning materials and learning game sets enable multidimensional learning according to Pestalozzi and can be combined with each other - everything fits to everything!
They are logical and coordinated in terms of size, width, colour, volume and weight. (1dm³ = 1l = 1kg). This facilitates comprehensive learning and allows connections to be recognised. And independently developed solutions are not only fun, but also incredibly proud!