Progress, not only in our products but also in the materials we use and a resource-saving production technology, is an ongoing challenge for us that we meet every day.

The greatest visible successes to date are associated with the brand names RE-Wood®, RE-Plastic® and MAG-Pap°.

But also the use of product cartons instead of plastic foils as packaging, protective paper of cover materials as packaging material, energy-saving compressed air compressors and a modern cooling system for our injection molding machines are just a few examples of our daily implementation.

We always inform about this in our newsletters and on our website.


This brand name stands for an ecological alternative to plastic, which was realized after 10 years of development.

The requirement for the development was to invent a material, which is available at any time, can be produced with raw materials, which are to be referred from the region, environmentally friendly, contains no pollutants and corresponds thereby to a large extent to the mechanical characteristics of the plastic used so far. These challenges alone set the bar high, but we wanted more. The new material should also be able to be processed on our own machines, guarantee a long service life and, last but not least, not be too expensive.

After 10 years of development and in cooperation with renowned research institutes, a way was found to reuse wood waste in an ecologically sensible way. Basically, as with all good inventions, it was quite simple: The basic material is ground wood residues (from PEFC-certified sustainable forest management) as a waste product of wood processing and a natural binder (also an ecological waste product).

Since these two components are made from recycled materials, our RE-Wood® material also complies with the Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz §25, the law for promoting the circular economy and ensuring the environmentally safe management of waste.

These two components are combined in a ratio of 80:20 using heat and pressure to form a wood-like mass. In order to be able to process this mass on normal molding machines, the raw mass is crushed to granule size. What sounds so simple has its pitfalls in the production process, and no other manufacturer has yet succeeded in producing a comparable material.


All plastic parts that we produce for our teaching and learning aids as well as drawing instruments are made of our sustainably recycled plastic RE-Plastic®.

For RE-Plastic® we use 100% recyclable polystyrene from "Post Consumer Production " post-industrial waste, which we recycle on site and return to production. Because RE-Plastic® can be recycled over and over again, we are able to maintain this recycling loop steadily, effectively and responsibly.

RE-Plastic® is absolutely equivalent in quality, appearance and feel to new plastic granulate. The use of RE-Plastic® is a sensible use of resources, ecological and CO2-neutral > this is realized environmental protection without loss of quality!


MAG-Pap° is a high-quality, magnetic 2-component material. The top side consists of a 1mm thick cardboard made of 100% recycled material, which is bonded with a waterproof, abrasion-resistant printing sheet. This layer is bonded to the underside with a full-surface and 0.5mm thick magnetic film. MAG-Pap° is ideal for classic blackboards, whiteboards, smartboards and presentation boards.