After the summer holidays, it's that time again. For many first graders, the first day of school marks the beginning of a whole new, exciting time.
Most children look forward to this day weeks in advance. Full of pride, they carry their school bags and satchels to school. Finally they can be with the "big ones" and learn to read, write and count.

To make sure that this anticipation doesn't fade away with the first homework, we have designed a maths box with 13 items to accompany you and your child throughout the first year of school.

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Following closely in the footsteps of the major textbook publishers, you can playfully illustrate the number range up to 20 with your child. A shaking box helps to break down numbers, predecessor and successor numbers can be grasped playfully with turning tiles, play money facilitates understanding and calculating with monetary values. Geometric figures can be stretched onto the geoboard with rubber bands, children can set times on a clock, count and grasp time spans, hours and minutes.

The maths box is great fun and supports children and parents.
Your children with their homework and individual learning and you dear parents have a wonderful tool at hand with the Maths Box. When the exercise sheets from school cause frustration and a lack of understanding, then you magically can pop up a game from the box and, quite incidentally, explain mathematical relationships and turn frustration into pride because the children can work out their knowledge for themselves.

Calmness + math box = fun in learning